About Mark

Mark Calkins was the core choreographer for Team SwingColumbus, the local performance and competition group in Columbus, OH from 2009 – 2017. Utilizing his sense of musicality and breadth of swing, he has served as the lead architect for the majority of the team’s routines. Together Mark and Shannon have led the team to wins across the Midwest and coached the team to a Top Ten finish at the International Lindy Hop Championships.

He has also competed in numerous Lindy Hop competitions. Mark advanced into the semi-final round of the world’s largest Jack & Jill contest at the Frankie ’95 festival and holds contest awards in Indiana, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

Mark is an influential DJ in the Columbus area and currently coordinates music for SwingColumbus events as the Music Chair. Mark is a dancer’s DJ and his sets have been described as “wonderfully whimsical (or tipsy)” by an Ivy League faculty member.