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Follow the Lindyroos this Fall!

This autumn season is getting full for the Lindyroos — check out our “tour” schedule below!

John Vermeulen Octet @ Nyoh’s Buckeye Bar – Teaching/DJing
Wednesday September 26th  7:30-11 pm
2871 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43202

Admission: $8


Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown – Attending
September 28th – 30th



Balboa House Party @ CSGallery – Hosting/DJing
Friday October 5th 8 pm – Midnight

66 South Parsons Ave Columbus, Ohio 43215

Admission: $5



Rocktober Weekend with Kevin & Jo, Mike & Laura – Attending
October 12th – 14th
Afternoon Workshops @ the downtown YWCA & the Ohio Theatre
Evening Dances with the Robert Bell Hot Swing Combo @ Diamond Dance in Gahanna



Fest of the Midwest – Teaching
October 19th – 21st
Workshops in Bloomington, IN with Mark & Shannon and other great people!
Evening Dances with the Fat Babies



Tranky Doo Workshop @ Artisan Dance Studio – Teaching
Thursday October 25th 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Learn a classic jazz dance routine from the 1940s!



Workshop @ Case Western Reserve University – Teaching
Saturday October 27th 12-5 pm



Nevermore Jazz Ball/Eastern Balboa Championships – Attending
Saturday November 2nd  – 4th




UK Swing in A Day – Teaching
November 9th – 11th
Workshops in Lexington, KY with Mark & Shannon and other great people!



Whew!  This list is long 🙂  Looks like we”ll be dancing a ton!



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